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An Unlikely Apocalypse

the womble sisters, post apocalypse

At first, it had seemed possible to continue moving through the desolate landscape on foot, but soon, it was obviously impracticable. Many bad things happened to the people travelling in traditional, bipedal mode: Ether-snakes. Entropic planter fasciitis. Electric sand. (And that was just the ‘e’s.)

Before the catastrophe, everyone thought that Edith and Sally Womble had been insane, going everywhere via giant rubber ball.

But as with all visionaries, they were ostracized, and continued to be, even when it was manifestly apparent that theirs was the only viable mode of locomotion in the aftermath.

Mostly it was because they were just so smug, but Edith’s halitosis didn’t help much either.

Alltop used to date Sally. Twins Sisters have a run on balloons
Brilliant artwork by yves.lecoq. Originally published, June 2010.

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  1. Rubber balls are my favorite way to travel. This is pretty wonderful

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