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Ask General Kang: How do you beat high gas prices?

Ask General KangI have never owned one of your quaint “internal combustion engine” vehicles, so I have not had to worry about the high price of gas, but I have been getting nailed on the cost of most foods appropriate for the Thringian Keg-Beast that I ride to work every day.

On my home planet, I fed my Keg-Beast hyper-bananas, usually leftover from the über-chimp orgy the night before; but since I’ve been on Earth, there has been a dearth of both hyper-bananas (apparently they won’t grow in your frigid Earth climate) and über-chimp swinging events (this explains why I am so cranky). So, I’ve found alternatives; the Keg-Beast runs best on a mixture of corn syrup, mescaline and the sweat of writers living in a state of quiet despair. Most of those elements are plentiful and relatively cheap, but do you have any idea how costly corn syrup is?

You humans are stupid! You’re burning fossil fuels to grow corn, which you turn into ethanol to burn along with your fossil fuels. Why don’t you just cut out the middle-man and take a flamethrower to your cornfields when they’re ripe? You will lose only a fraction of the energy value and most of the vegetable matter will end up adding to global warming.

As an added bonus: big fire!

Then your planet will be able to grow hyper-bananas, and all will be well.

… Assuming we can get a few female über-chimps down here too.

Next time: I’m trapped in the Andromeda galaxy because my hyper-drive engine is asking for a better benefits package — how do it get it back to work without giving it full dental?

Alltop would try this, but it’s allergic to bananas.


  1. You beat high gas prices by owning a member nation of OPEC.

    Or you could probably get a coupon…that’s a very smart monkey.

  2. ‘and the sweat of writers living in a state of quiet despair’

    I was wondering what that monkey was up to with my laundry…

  3. That simian is pure dynamite! Quick, somebody put him on the T Boone Pickens ticket!

  4. I think General Kang is more concerned about the effects of Black Sigatoka on banana harvests than peak oil.

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