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Beijing Olympic Mascots: Organ Relay

Beijing -- organ transplant relayHere’s another new demonstration sport that will be featured in the 2008 Olympics — the Organ Relay.

As you probably know, China is a great source of organs for those with the need of fresh new hearts, lungs, kidneys, livers and so on. (Of course, you also have to have lots of hard currency and a surgeon willing to set up the operation for you — kind of like a medical travel agent.)

Time is a major factor in getting the organ from the executed political prisoner to the waiting recipient — the faster the better. To increase speed, the Chinese have developed crack teams of organ relay specialists. They are fast, agile, and amazing at handing off fresh organs without dropping or damaging them. Other countries to watch in this event: Japan, India, and Brazil.

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‘Inspired’ by:
Sale of Human Organs in China

Update: More demonstration sports can be found a View From a Height, and there will be more at The Skwib too.


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