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Scots, Norwegians to face off in Delicacy World Cup

Sheep's head, pre-smokingTWATT, Shetland Islands (The Skwib) — Strong entries from both Scotland and Norway have led to a major upset here at the Delicacy World Cup.

Normally dominated by the French and Japanese teams, this year has proved a surprising one says Delicacy World Cup expert, Jean-Pierre Le Muscouse: “Both ze Norwegians and ze Scots have rare delicacies this year that have provéd a shallange for ze refinéd palates of the French team.”

And while the Japanese had no trouble getting past the Scottish entry — raw sea urchin gonads — they could not bear the smoked sheep’s head — smalahove in Norwegian — which is the very strong entry from Norway.

And not surprisingly, the famous French team was able to cope with eating sheep’s head (including the eyeballs), without batting an eye, so to speak, but the Scottish delicacy proved too raw and salty even for them.

This leaves the Scots and the Norwegians facing off in the final.

In this last round, each team must present only one diner. The one to eat the most of the delicacy provided by the opposite team wins. Eating for the Scottish team is Angus Mac Orpulent, a 326-lb glutton from Inverness, famous for nearly dying in the close-run 1996 World Cup, after he consumed an entire barrel of pickled Japanese sea cucumbers.

The Norwegians have another strategy entirely, as they have put their crack bulimic, Inga Vomgäar, on the raw sea urchin gonads challenge. (Purging is allowed in the final round.)

“Excitement is running very high, ‘ere in Twatt,” says Le Muscouse, “zis final is one for ze ages.”

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