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Bill Turns Off the Radio

cbc logo bleedingBill Freedman awoke in Bucolic City to the sounds of AM Talk Now — what passed for talk radio in his hometown.

It wasn’t the CBC, that was for sure, but then again the CBC wasn’t the CBC any more either. Even zombie Peter Gzowski was done. The avuncular and undead radio host had invited Quentin Tarantino on as a guest, probably hoping that he’d get to eat the auteur’s brains, when in fact, Tarantino had agreed to the interview, knowing that he’d get a chance to shoot a zombie in the head.

That had been the last morning when the CBC had been worth listening to.

Since then, Bill had been subjected to AM talk radio each morning, at least ten minutes of inane chatter and crap ripped off weblogs and wire services, before he left for work.

“Hey hey, Bob-Slob, let’s do the Top Five Reasons Monday Sucks!!!” the Main Host said.

“Yeah, this is a great one!” Bob-Slop agreed, obsequiously.

“No!” Bill shouted at the radio. “It’s not a great one. It’s hackneyed crap. Even the Voice was funnier than you, and the Voice sucked!”

He could take it no longer. Bill Freedman, long-time CBC fan, who’d had a lifelong love affair with radio, was disgusted with the medium. It had let him down. If he was honest with himself, it had been a disappointment for years, even before the lockout.

He turned the radio off, and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. When he returned to his bedroom, where the window was open, he caught a whiff of fresh autumnal air. It was peaceful, having no radio on. The absence of sound. And then it hit him . . .

For the first time in years, he heard the sound of birdcall.

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