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Blob Threatens East Coast Dance

The East Coast BlobTORONTO — An event meant to celebrate East Coast culture has gone horribly awry at the Harbourfront Centre.

Mocean, a five-woman dance troupe from Halifax, had just taken the stage to perform when a sixth dancer — a quivering, purplish mass — burbled out from behind the wings and got into line with them. Without any warning, it missed step and one of the other dancers fell into the “blob”, to be horribly consumed by the creature.

The other dancers tried to complete their act, but were unable to because they were also relentlessly hunted and ingested by the blob.

A horrified audience did not know whether to run for their lives or applaud as the last brave member of the dance troupe was eaten, still keeping time with the music.

It then oozed off-stage to devour four independent choreographers.

The host of the event Tellan Dyar later told The Skwib, “the blob made a huge mistake. The other choreographers are actually from Montreal, not the Maritimes.”

Scientists do not know how much of a threat the blob poses to other dance communities in the country, or where it will strike next, though it was seen in Newfoundland, headed for Saint Mary’s, where Mrs. Murphy is hosting a kitchen party tonight.

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