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Carnival of Satire (#109)

The Carnival of SatireHappy New Year everyone! It’s 2009: A New Hope. Cue John Williams. With any luck Super-Obama can help us save ourselves from the financial meltdown, climate change, robotic monkey overlords (and Death Stars). You can check out the original of the image (left) at AZRainman’s blog.

Yep, times are tough. How tough? Well, Greg Merrick can tell you: Family to Lay Off 25% of Offspring .

Madeleine Begun Kane has a solution for your financial woes — become a bank: Banks To Taxpayers: Drop Dead!.

This may be an uncomfortable topic for some, but Brian Jay Stanley has clearly been listening to “Every Sperm is Sacred”: Abstinence as Abortion.

Remember the 90s? Jason Moreira does and has the disturbing update on Where’s Waldo Now?

JRickG has this web comic of Personal Deconstruction, by JE Gonzalez .

Raghu submitted this Singular parable: The day the internet slept .

Vanessa Wolf writes a few words of PR advice for the Somali pirates.

Pwn Greenland presents this pithy Analysis of MySpace .

Joshua Dorkin got an exclusive interview with Santa. Unfortunately, it is about the foreclosure on his North Pole home..

So Santa didn’t get the bailout, but DaDougster discovered that on his last visit to Iraq Bush Got Shaken Down Again.

Jeremy R. Shown is stove-pipe-a-licious about the new Obama cabinet in: New Uniforms for the Team of Rivals .

I somehow missed this. Neil Benson let’s us know the sad tale of the veep’s final unhinging: Cheney Nullifies Presidential Election: Declares Himself President.

There is still time to act on these uncanny Predictions for 2009 by the canny Jon Swift.

Fiar has a new advice column What Would Obama Do.

And in our non-satire slot, we have something that is so absurd it sounds like it is: Sometimes real life is like that, and it’s certainly the case as Big Cajun Man filled out a A Questionnaire For Everything after being canned.

And that’s it for the 109th edition. Thanks to these fine folks for helping us with webby-stuff: the Blog Carnival for their form; and the listings at the Ubercarnival, Ferdy’s permanent floating ping festival, and for the listings at the Blog Carnival too. Also, you may find some satire here if you poke around a bit. Here too. Thanks to AZRainman for the fabulous Super-Obama art!


  1. The degree of linkage that you’ve provided here shames me deeply.

    Well done!

  2. Thanks, though I’m not sure why it would shame you (deeply or shallowly). Perhaps O-man will reveal this secret too on the 20th.

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