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Chariot of the Gords

two old-timey clowns (scary)
The worst kind of Gords

As we all know, Canada is replete with Gords.

Per capita, the “Great White North,” as it is known to hosers, carpetbaggers and avuncular entomographers everywhere, has the highest density of Gords of any country in the known surface world. (The mysterious nations of Pellucidaria and the Moon have yet to take up the terrestrial hobby of census taking, so we cannot be sure about the gordensity of these regions.)

That said, we can say with a high degree of certainty that these specimens are two of the worst Gords you are likely to encounter. Especially late at night after you have been “reading,” or drinking peyote milkshakes with Norwegians.

Alltop is the peyote milkshake of humor aggregators.

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