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Contest update: Vintage Ads of Fictional Futures

The last updates are on the gallery page.

Thanks to everyone who has put together a product, service or concept from a fictional future with a vintage ad — there are 30 entries all told, and boy the judging is going to be tough. I’ll post the finalists tomorrow morning, and then let you all vote on who wins. What are the stakes? Well, they’re listed below.

In an effort to keep this page from crashing again, I’ve done a collage of just a few of the entries. Click on it, or here, to see all 30 entries:

Vintage Ads of Fictional Futures

The Rules:

So, find some vintage ads, and then insert a product from a fictional future — it can be from a book, movie, TV, etc. The only proviso is that it has to have been written by someone else, so none of your own bizarre fictional futures. (Someone else’s bizarre future is fine, so all you William S. Burroughs fans are not barred from competition.)

  1. create your masterpiece
  2. post it to your blog
  3. link to this post (or better yet, let me know where it is via email or in the comments)
  4. wait for the aplomb and/or ridicule of your peers.

There are prizes!

What, pray tell is the prize? Well, if you win, you can choose from:

  • a prominent walk-on role in my next novel
  • a copy of THE AMADEUS NET
  • a “mystery” item from within the bowels of my desk.

The second-place winner will choose from the remaining prizes, and the bronze winner gets whatever is left. Worth playing for? The contest will run until (Sunday, April 20).

You may want to check out plan59.com or Flickr or Photobucket for inspiration.

You can find my original post about this here. All the artists at humor-blogs.com are invited!


  1. don don

    I’m on it Mark. I intend to sweep the opposition from the field. There will be weeping, gnashing of teeth, and lamentations from the women and children when I unveil my master piece! (Damn, there goes my Soylent Green idea)

    tremble and quiver like jelly you soon to be losers! (hmm, jello,)

  2. Here’s a supermarket sign for Soylent Green, designed and carved in wood by me.
    Approx. 60″ wide

  3. DashingDan DashingDan

    Someone should do an advert for Phorm (the spyware company)!

  4. CitizenLand CitizenLand

    Something modeled after Greg Bear’s “Eon” novels perhaps…

    5th Chamber vacations!

    Axis City Escape!

  5. I thought I would be safe on the third reading, but “now with more baby” almost made tea come out of my nose.

  6. Thanks Michael. Love the new entries guys! m.

  7. Rickey will accept nothing short of first place in the contest, culimating in a ghost writing gig for your next book. Be warned Mark: Rickey is nothing if not competitive.

  8. Wow, I’m so going to lose!

    Oh, maybe Rickey would win and you could mail him a pronoun! That way, everyone wins!

  9. I don’t know Bagel, I like the soma ad.

    Rickey — you’re freakin’ me out.

    Thanks for the new entries Martin and Gary! I’ll be updating the post soon.

  10. I know I can’t “vote”, but I LOVE the ‘Tyrell’ entry.

    … Androids dream of more than you might guess!


  11. http://popeterry666.blogspot.com/2008/04/what_12.html

    two more entries in the same post as before (the bottom two pics)… I hope these are legal, I’m not sure vulcan sex shows were ever spoken about in Star trek, but I just got the feeling thats what Spock did on the weekends.

  12. Nerd warning.

    Alex L. – In Deep Space 9 there was a popular holosuite program in Quark’s called Vulcan Love Slave. I doubt it was quite like your advert … but then again, who knows?

    End of nerd warning.

  13. Mark, are you kidding? This entire contest has broken the needle on the nerd-o-meter. Alex, the Alien one is truly disturbing (and hilarious). I’ll get it up on the gallery later today.

  14. Tom Marcinko Tom Marcinko

    Mark, thanks for posting the spindizzy ad (quoting the first line of one of the Cities in Flight stories from memory — maybe somebody can correct it for us). It definitely made my day.

    Looks like the model in my ad is another Nexus-6.

    The upright palanquin is from Alastair Reynolds’ universe, of course.

  15. @Mark -Well theres Vulcans of all tastes isnt there… well lets pretend anyway

    @Mark A. Rayner- I was worried because at first glance (the chest burster) it really just looks like a poo… which would take the competition into really disturbing areas

  16. Two more entries from Tom, both of which have stumped me. If you have a guess, leave a note in the post comments:

    The second one is from Weapon Shop Of Isher. The first one seems like something from Bester, but I can’t place it.

  17. I wanted to do this, but just haven’t gotten my act together. It’s fun to see what others (whose acts are apparently together) have gotten together, though.

  18. Impressive Bagel. Not to worry Alenja, we’ll do it again sometime. m.

  19. Ok so did I win yet?

  20. lol. I still wanna know where my other two entries are on here. I hope he got them…. This was waaaay too much fun. Anyone figure out Tom’s second image?

  21. Sorry, I missed those Chris — they’re up now.

    Bagel, you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow morning, just like everyone else. And there will be voting. 🙂 m.

  22. Yay, my goofiness is awarded :). Now where are the superdelegates and how much do I have to pay them?

  23. What happens if two candidates get the same number of votes?

  24. […] promised or, more accurately, generally hinted at previously here, it’s another entry in the Vintage Ads Of Fictional Futures […]

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