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Excitement about potato salad

The incomparable Spencer Evans posted this to my FunWall and I thought I’d share. Mostly because it’s … well, let’s just say you got to watch this:


And while we’re dealing with those images, perhaps you might want to even things out with a visit to the Carnival of Insanities.

You know what goes great with potato salad? Weiners.


  1. uhhhhh… i’m convinced that people were just a lot more easily entertained back then.

    damn, now i’m going to have that stoopid song in my head….salad…potato salad….

  2. Did you stick with the video long enough to see the contortions? I mean, isn’t it kind of fascinating? m.

  3. And to think potato salad binds my lower intestines to the point I’m unable to dance like that anymore. This routine marks only the second time in recorded historty that the word “groovy” was used to describe a spud. The second happened nearly 20 years later when the first hippie fashioned a bong out of a sweet potato.

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