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Dr. Tundra's election watchlist

irony misdemeanor -- Dithers in front of sign that says success
The Irony Police charged Martin with an ‘unintional irony misdemeanor’ after a speech at the National Congress of Chinese Canadians

Now that Dr. Tundra has gotten his wish for a Schadenfreude-y Christmas, the rest of us at The Skwib have decided to expand our normal offerings to include a more in-depth look at the Federal election campaign. Naturally, we thought it only fair that Dr. Tundra should provide the coverage. He begins this onerous task by examining some of the opening words of the campaign.

Metaphor as mixed as my ‘medication’ file

The Conservative leader Stephen Carper set forth on the high road, saying that the Liberals would run a negative campaign: “by spreading fear, by spreading lies” but in the end, he predicted, his party will win because: “hope beats fear 90 percent of the time.”

Unless, of course, hope is out having dinner:

“It’s like a thief who cries ‘Fire!’ in a crowded restaurant so that when no one is looking, he can clean out the cash register.”

“Ambition has overwhelmed common sense.”

Has Mr. Dithers hit the nail on the head with this pithy gem? Replace the word “ambition” with “greed”, and we have a fair description of the Liberal Party, n’est pas?

More information than we need file

“I think it’s very clear that the Liberals have not earned people’s votes. It’s the New Democrats who, with a small caucus, have shown what can be done.”

Yes, it IS clear that Mr. Layabout has a serious case of member (of parliament) envy. However, he believes that he has proved the old maxim, it’s not the size, it’s what you do with it. To paraphrase the confused Mr. Carper, in this issue, I believe hope denies reality 90 percent of the time.

Happy campaign trails! I’m off to follow the Carper campaign tomorrow.
Dr. Tundra