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Excruciating Album Cover Art: From Looking Hard Pressed

From Looking Hard Pressed Featuring freakish kewpie dolls on the misguided cover of “From Looking Hard Pressed”, you have to wonder why the British hardcore punk band, 1892 in Association Football, didn’t call themselves Freakish Kewpie Dolls, because that would be a much cooler name.

It’s also a wonder how their fans didn’t end up calling the album “Good for One Drink”, as it appears so prominently on the cover, and is also one of the tracks on the 1982 album, recorded entirely in the men’s toilet of the Elysium Smegma Club in their hometown of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (UK).

The shrieking feedback, relentlessly fast-tempo and background noise of drunken Cheltenhamers vomiting warm ale make it good music to listen to while attacking teenagers with a chainsaw. Indeed, the music will have you looking quite hard pressed. For the most part, the lyrics are thankfully actually quite unintelligible, but for anyone unlucky enough to find a copy of this album with the liner notes intact, they can sing along to such tunes as: “Oi! Bromley Football Club Licks My Nads”, “Droylsden F.C. Cock-biters (Oi! Oi! Oi!)”, “Liverpool Sex Salad”, “Slavia Prague Onion Ass-Fecker”, and “Newcastle United Bog Toon Ticklers.”

We won’t bother you with any actual lyrics, but these lads certainly were obsessed with football clubs founded in 1892. Clearly, they were also rabid Cheltenham Town supporters.

You can find more excruciation at humor-blogs.com, and you can thank The Frogster for eliciting this meme. (Yes, that means this cover is made up.) If you’re reading this, have a blog, and have time to waste, consider yourself tagged. You can find the rules at The Frog Bog.


  1. No way! “1892 in Association Football” was the first album Mitsubishi Plastics listened to when trying to find our sound! Oh, man! This brings back memories!

    The chorus to “Slavia Prague Onion Ass-Fecker” has to be one of the greatest moments in punk history. The way they segue from “Onion” to “Oi-nun” to just the classic “Oi!” will always be etched into Mistubishi Plastics adolescent minds.

  2. I always thought there was something in Mitsubishi Plastics I recognized. Oi too love the Oi-nun song. Too funny. m.

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