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Format changed for election debates

Kirk and Abe look forward to debatesOttawa (The Skwib) — Canadian voters yearning for intelligent debates of serious issues are going to be sadly disappointed this election.

But Canadian television viewers are in for a treat, as the four major parties and five television networks have agreed to new formats for four televised debates.

The first debate will be modeled after the inexplicably popular reality TV show, Fear Factor, and will be moderated by the host of Fear Factor, Joe Rogan. The only major departure from that show is there will be no water-based stunts for the leaders to engage in.

When asked why, the producers of the first debate said, “Dude, nobody wants to see Paul Martin in a Speedo.” Instead of money, the winner of the first debate is allowed to keep one other leader out of the second debate.

That will be a real disadvantage for that leader, as the second and third debates will have the same format, and not getting a chance to learn the ropes in the second will doubtless hinder his performance in the third.

These debates will be more traditional in that the leaders will have to answer questions about their party platforms — the difference? The moderator and a select group of Canadian voters will get to pelt the contestants leaders with wet sponges, cream pies and in the third debate, live hamsters.

The fourth debate will be moderated by William Shatner, and is modeled after the episode of Star Trek (the original series) where Kirk and Spock were forced to fight four of the most evil humanoids of all time, with only the help of Surek and Abe Lincoln. The networks have not yet announced who will be playing Kirk, Spock, Surek and Lincoln.

The Green Party has already announced that they will NOT be filing a law suit on this one.

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Format changed for election debates


  1. Let me first say hail to the Markus for putting back postus on his situs.

    Now I must advise my favorite people the “salmon thumpers’ on how to do elections right. Screw debates. Have each person who runs for office visit every house in his or her district. If you wish to vote for then after they have laid their speel on you, you take a sewing needle. and prick their finger. On election day, all the blood is drained from the candidates, and weighed. The candidate with the lowest blood level wins. Whatdaya think?

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