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Harper asks the Governor General to pirogue parliament

Harper asks GG to pirogue parliamentIf any of you had any question in your minds, you should know now that Stephen Harper really is not fit to govern Canada.

Today, he is going to ask the Governor General (GG) to pirogue parliament.

This is the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. How in the hell are you going to fit 413 members of parliament into one dugout canoe!

Besides, why the hell would a Canadian parliament opt to use a small, handmade boat commonly used in West Africa, instead of a canoe is totally baffling. He’s accusing the Liberals and NDP of being treasonous and anti-patriotic by entering into a deal with the sovereign-seeking Bloc Quebecois, and HE wants to squeeze the entire governing body of Canada into a tiny, hand-made watercraft that isn’t even built in Canada.

Shame Stephen Harper! Shame! At the very least you should be asking the GG to “canoe” the parliament.

You can find more information about Canada’s latest constitution crisis here. Thanks to Ecololo for the pirogue pic. Non-baffling, non-parliamentary humor may be found at alltop and humor-blogs.com.


  1. Obviously, Dr. Tundra has confused the word “pirogue” (the dugout canoe), with the word “prorogue”, which is the procedure in which the crown suspends the parliament without dissolving it.

    Personally, I’m just glad he didn’t read it as pro-rogue. (Though I believe if the GG does prorogue, she would be de facto, showing that she is pro-rogue.)

  2. Geez… you are spelling it wrong, thus are coming to the wrong conclusion.

    It’s pierogi -> p-i-e-r-o-g-i

    Harper is going to torture our parliamentarians by sealing them in potato, bacon and cheese and either boiling or frying them.

    This makes Bush’s water torture endorsement tame by comparison.

  3. El presidente Esteban will address us from the balcony before rainy season…Myself, I’m camping out in the mountains with the rebels…

  4. I would prefer the fried one myself, and make it a double order from Prince Albert’s Diner.


  5. Mmm, pie. It always comes back to pie.

    Anyway, I’m sure it’s pirouettes he’s talking about.

  6. There is, however, no truth to the rumor that he once “stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni.”

  7. I dunno…a water borne parliament has something to it.

  8. stan squires stan squires

    I am from vancouver and i wanted to comment on the proroguing of parliament.The working people are barred from participation in bourgeois parliaments(they never decide important questions under bourgeois democracy,which are decided by the stock exchange and the banks) by thousands of obstacles, and the workers know and feel,see and realise perfectly well that the bourgeois parliaments are institutions alien to them,instruments for the oppression of the workers by the bourgeoisie,institutions of a hostile class, of the exploiting minority.
    Bourgeois democracy,although a great historical advance in comparison with medievalism,always remains,and under capitalism is bound to remain,restricted,truncated,false and hypocritical,a paradise for the rich and a snare and deception for the exploited and the poor.
    The way out of parliamentarism is not of course, the abolition of representative institutions and the elective principle, but the conversion of the representative institutions from talking shops into working bodies.A working,not a parliamentary body-this is a blow straight from the shoulder at the present-day parliamentarians and parliamentary lap dogs of Social Democrats.Proletarian democracy is a million times more democratic than any bourgeois democracy.

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