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More explosive topics for the Mythbuster's crew

More grist for the Mythbusters mill

Other “myths” that Mythbusters should check out:

  • Politicians only use 1% of their brain.
  • The stock market is a reasonable way to generate wealth.
  • Is it squeezing or rubbing that causes things to get hot on reentry? Why does that sound exciting?
  • Science and its methods provide absolute proof. Scientists are always right, even when they’re talking total crap. They are most correct when shouting.
  • Do bears vote in Canada? And do they vote for the Blog Party?

Feel free to add your own myths in the comments.

Other explosive humor found at alltop and humor-blogs.com


  1. Is it true that the American Cancer Society is PRO-cancer?

  2. Only in the same way that Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste is actually Pro-Health. Get it?

    (Hey Mark, we covered the Bears voting for the Blog Party two posts ago. You really should keep up here. I mean, you’re the one that administers this bloc. sheesh.)

  3. Quizzling Quizzling

    Is Kari Byron really that hot, or are we just like vegans at a sausagefest?

  4. Does a beret and self-constructed spectacles increase your IQ just by donning them? And if so, why do I not feel any smarter?

  5. 1% is generous.

    I believe scientists are always right. Science has proven that 10 out of 10 scientists believe that they are always right, so it must be true. Right?

  6. @ Quizzling, I’d like to see that tested as well.

    Christmas albums can cause brain tumors… its just a theory I have, that I’d really like proven.

  7. Quizzling — I’m uncomfortable with the term “sausagefest”.
    Cardinalfang — your comment provoked the question, and in regards to the beret/spectacles issue, I believe it has the effect of either:
    a) increasing your ennui to the point where Edith Piaf songs sound good, or,
    b) give you the uncontrollable urge to institute the dictatorship of the proletariat.
    C. Fraser — I believe studies show scientists are only right half the time, no matter how loudly they yell.
    Alex — let’s use politicians as test subjects.

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