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Humans invented tools for the convenience

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look what zog doMany believe the human species is the only one which uses tools. This is not true. There are many other species that have been identified as using tools, including: otters, chimps, bonobos, elephants, octopuses and ravens.

Humans are the first species to invent tools because we’re lazy. Initially, tool use was important for our survival. As noted in the cartoon to the right “… by Gary Larson, more complex inventions began to be developed. I must note that this cartoon is technically inaccurate. Spectacles had not been invented at that time, and would not be until just before the Renaissance, around the late 14th century CE.” [adam blatner]

Eventually, we got around to creating really great inventions of convenience, such as bows and arrows, soup and of course, the Internet. This marvelous invention helps maximize our convenience, but sometimes even that is not enough.

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