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Tag: fire

Carnival of Satire (#87)

The Carnival of Satire (#87)We’ve sparked up another fine carnival for you this week, which we think may set you on fire:

Late addition: Archer over at Lawyerworldland has some fine political satire.

Joe Qelqoth has been good enough to explain the finer points of Acute Gleichschaltung Syndrome in his excellent medical post at The Cult of Qelqoth. Vegetarians be warned!

Michael Fowke is a self-proclaimed financial shaman, and his psilocybin-fueled vision of Canary Wharf is convincing proof of the truth of his claim.

Brent Diggs takes the mickey out of memes with: Marauding Monday. Warning: some asterisks were killed in the making of this post.

Rickey Henderson pokes his finger into a new and Completely Superfluous Sport. It’s not satire: it’s real, but it’s still funny.

Jon Swift makes an impassioned plea asking Pseudonym-Americans to Fight Back.

Madeleine Begun Kane has found the “found” Poetry Of Rudy Giuliani. Would it be possible to un-find it Mad?

On October 10, 2007, Marcel Legros announced: As of Today, I’m Claiming Copyright to the Word ‘God’. Shortly thereafter he was beaten relentlessly by fundamentalists wielding Bibles, Korans and unread copies of Dianetics, of which two are copyright-free, we note with interest.

Tim Abbott has a rambling and strange Skwib-like post about Winning the War on Horror that is nevertheless worth the visit. Also, he has a link to a video about zombies, with a boppy song by Jonathan Coulton.