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I read my blogroll (#6)

Let’s start off with a little dinner, put on by the Reverend Billy Gisher. Enjoy his satire, which is so deep you need a course in spelunking to find it. That IS a compliment.

Now that you’re fortified, perhaps we can think about politics a little. If you’re Canadian, you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to cast your vote on Monday. Joe is thinking Green. Cool. I’ve already decided to vote for them because “I am socially progressive, fiscally responsible, and committed to environmental sustainability – just like the Green Party.” There’s nine other reasons too.

Leslie found this quote, which makes me worry about my friends to the South. What is going on? I thought it was Canada that had too much government.

I don’t know precisely when the purpose of government morphed from protecting “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” into “Micro-Managing Your Life Down to the Molecular Level,” but it has.

Steve confirmed these fears when I read his Good Question.

On the topic of surveillance, Mel might be in trouble.

In the arts, Archer at Lawyerworldland has discovered a cool thing: you can read Mozart’s manuscripts for yourself at the British Museum. If only I’d known before I started The Amadeus Net.

And one can only imagine what tawdry purposes this device will serve. Hat tip to Mr. Snitch for finding it.


  1. thanks for the plug pops. i am plugging the gential clamp thing this coming wednesday. also, the edited and updated video runs this sunday, after 11:00 am eastern time. get some popcorn, and goobers.

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