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Sunday O-Rama!

There’s a great Carnival of Insanity to check out this week at Dr. Sanity. One of the tidbits there (in addition to the green babies post) is a nice list of top 10 blogger lies. Am I a hypocrite for linking to a list, after posting this? Yes, yes I am.

The babies also made in the Modulator’s Friday Ark, which has added quite a bit of catblogging since Friday. Speaking of animal blogging, this BBC story about a hamster/snake friendship made me feeling somewhat disturbed, as though I’d just been sharing Dr. Tundra’s consciousness for a few seconds.

And speaking of a Dr. Tundra-like consciousness, the quote of the day has to go to this theatrical history prof:

“I thought to myself, ‘Let’s do a method-acting approach to the study of history and see how it works.’ I chose the Nazis because they were absolutely the most obnoxious, whacky group I could find.”

Yep, he managed to get everyone to hate him, Nazis, socialists, dog lovers, lefties, righties, cat fanciers, academics, nonacademics, and itinerant loofah salesmen. Story here, and his paper, Now It Can Be Told: Why I Pretended to be a Neo-Nazi, is pretty wild stuff, despite the fact that he mentions Jacques Derrida and Michele Foucault.