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Introducing Professor Quippy: The Skwib's Science Guy

Professor Quippy:  Our Science GuyOvercompensating in Hollywood

If you’ve ever thought that male Hollywood stars might be overcompensating for something, then you’re right. Low sperm counts! A new survey of LA men shows that smog is not only bad for the lungs, it’s bad for the boys. Don’t get too smug New Yorkers … you’ve got smog too. New Scientist story: Ozone spikes hit men where it hurts

Force 10 Irony Alert!

Did you know that tuberculosis, affectionately known as “TB”, has it’s own day? That’s right. It’s today! And this report from The Globe and Mail says that cute-as-a-button TB is more virulent than ever. Oh, look, it’s just wiped out one in seven patients, isn’t that adorable? Maybe if we gave it two days, it would behave.

Own low-lying coastal property? My advice is sell!

Not only is it going to get hotter, it’s going to get wetter. Now, to paraphrase Robin Williams (as Adrian Cronauer), that’s nice if you’re pitching woo with a special friend, but not so good if you own property near Boca Raton. And it may happen sooner than we originally thought. Old and busted thinking. New (scary) hotness.


  1. The TB thing is sad. Every day we here about Avian Flu despite the fact that other viruses and diseases kill thousands in poor parts of the world everyday.

  2. I agree. The one-in-seven figure is from before the invention of anti-biotics, but the resistant TB gets a foothold, it could creep back up there. It will probably be much higher in poor regions too. m.

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