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Did I ever mention I've got a novel published?

The Amadeus NetHey, it just occurred to me (hi, Mark here) that I’ve been happily plugging away at The Skwib for nearly a year without mentioning my book again. Okay, there’s an ad about it on the sidebar, but we all ignore those, right?

It’s called The Amadeus Net, and it’s a lot more entertaining than this blog. It’s a futuristic satire about Mozart not getting his “sprouter” snipped off, nuclear war and cross-dressing Englishmen. You can buy it directly from the publisher ENC Press (or from the Ontario Library Association if you live in Canada).

OR, you could try to win a copy by sending a gut-busting fake news story to I Got News For You (.com), who has launched a contest in what I can only guess is a rarefied field. Certainly a few of the regular contributors to the Carnival of Satire would have a shot. Details here.

Or, if you plan to give it a great review on your website, and tell all your friends about it, I’ll send you a copy. Seriously. Email me here.


  1. Congratulations on your novel. It sounds entertaining and interesting. Will check it out.

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