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Irony Police Raid LA Theatre

Foster before breaking armLOS ANGELES (The Skwib) — Actress Sutton Foster was rehearsing a number called “I’m An Accident Waiting to Happen” earlier this week when she fell and broke her arm.

Moments later the Irony Police burst into the theatre, arrested Foster and charged her with “excessive irony in a theatrical situation.”

“Normally we reserve these charges for playwrights and directors, because the irony is usually at their behest. However, in this case, we felt it was important to send a message. Too much irony will not be tolerated,” Irony Police spokesperson, Detective Buster B. Utgood, told The Skwib.

Foster’s lawyer has said they will fight the charge, as it was non-intential irony.

“I wasn’t even dancing,” the Tony-winner said Thursday. “I was just stepping backward, and my feet went forward, and I fell backward and caught myself with my hands.”

She was rehearsing the musical “The Drowsy Chaperone,” which is scheduled to open Nov. 18 at Los Angeles’ Ahmanson Theatre.

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