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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Albert Camus Edition)

Albert Camus, absurd heroCamus presents L’Ô°tranger (slide 1)

  • hmm, want to create something influential
  • something high school French students will have to read
  • something to mess them up
  • yep, present life as meaningless.

“Beauchard” presents the French resistance (slide 4)

  • help get rid of Krauts
  • edit paper “Combat”
  • human life is precious
  • but still meaningless.

Camus presents The Myth of Sisyphus (slide 1)

  • dude has to push rock up hill
  • eternally
  • huge bummer, right?

Camus presents The Myth of Sisyphus (slide 2)

  • no, the absurd hero
  • no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn
  • happiness springs from the absurd.

Inspired by:
The birthday of Albert Camus (Nov. 7, 1913) and The Myth of Sisyphus