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Irony Police Taser Hospital Patient

YEOVIL, UK (The Skwib) — The Irony Police mistakenly tasered a patient at the Yeovil District Hospital today after learning of an infringement of Britain’s Excessive Irony Act.

Sherry Black, 34, was in hospital receiving treatment for a migraine, when a bedside television broke away from its wall fixture and fell on her head.

The Irony Police were alerted immediately.

Unfortunately, their equipment also malfunctioned, and they were told that Ms. Black was exhibiting an act of aggressive irony, when in fact, she was entirely passive. They burst into her hospital room and shot her with tasers.

Ms. Black was unavailable for comment, as she remains unconscious.

The Irony Police squad sent to arrest Ms. Black is also unavailable for comment, as they are currently helping the Irony Police’s Office of Internal Investigations with their inquiries.