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It's alive!

Yes, the Carnival of the Vanities is still going, but with a new MO.

The 210th edition is the first of what we hope are many hosted and edited by Kehaar at Siflay Hraka.

We know that the idea of having an editor is anathema to the anarchic free-for-all model of the blogosphere, but we think it is useful. An editor can provide a little focus, keep things moving in the right direction, and dare we say, add a little quality control. Carnivals are supposed to be about the best posts (except the now sadly defunct Bonfire of the Vanities), not the post (some) indiscriminate bloggers want people to read.

We wish Kehaar luck — it’s a tough job, as we have learned from presenting the Carnival of Satire for a year. (Really, it has been a year, even though we’re only coming up to edition #48.)