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Juggernaut Business Mechanicals — Evil Overlords Rejoice

Cyborg from JBM Corporate WebsiteFinally, JBM has launched its corporate website. Though it is ridden with problems, evil overlords, interstellar overlords and meglomaniacs worldwide will be relieved to know that JBM is open for business again.

From the JBM corporate website:

JBM — Famous for our Juggernauts, but expanding

Ever since Dr. Malifico founded JBM, we have been known world-over for the quality of our business mechanicals. They are not only gargantuan in scale, and lethal when required, but they are well-suited to modern business environments as well.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, JBM underwent a major restructuring, and instead of catoring exclusively to would-be evil overlords, bent on extorting a large percentage of GNP from both the free world and the Communist Bloc, JBM started catering to large business.

Our state-of the-art RED Juggernaut is still our best seller, and few business would be better served by other mechanicals. However, we are expanding our range, and creating LaserBots, TaxCrushing Servo-motors, and we are moving into industrial applications as well.

JBM corporate logoIn a statement released to the press, our CEO has sated: “with a modicum of talent, ruthless efficiency and some element of surprise, JBM should be in a position to destroy the competition and own the juggernaut business mechanical sector..”

As I said, their website is a complete disaster, but their product offerings will be of interest to any up-and-coming evil mastermind bent on world domination.

It would appear that both Alltop and the funny blog aggregator, humor-blogs.com, are out for world comedy domination.

Vote for this post, or General Kang will send a Red Juggernaut after you.


  1. don don

    Good Lord! Kang is in this thing too?

    OK. I’ll vote. Just spare my kids.

  2. Okay … this is weird.

    … You’re not going to believe what I just posted …

  3. Those guys at JBM sure make a good site. I’ll be ordering my ocular implants as quick as possible.

  4. Is there a difference between would-be overlords and big business?

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