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Manky phrases in referral stats become a source of mirth

BUMONSI CITY (The Skwib) — When hilarity blogger Captain HaHa discovered the phrase “penguin nun sex” in his blog stats, he decided to turn taboo interspecies romance into pure comedy gold.

“Yeah, initially I was totally weirded out by finding the phrase in my search string stats, but then I thought, hey that’s kind of funny. I should blog about that,” the pseudonymous blogger told The Skwib in a phone interview.

He went on to write a long post about how a large number of pervs were finding his perfectly normal website using freaky search terms. And then to make the post even funnier, he posted some of the other search engine referrals that weren’t necessarily rude, but were definitely odd.

“I especially liked ‘Captain HaHa hepatitis cures’. I mean, that means someone was Googling my pseudonym!” the blogger said as he stroked his keyboard obsessively.

According to statistics from ThoughtCounter.com, nearly all bloggers will blog about their search term referrals at some point in their writing careers.

“It’s almost irresistible,” Leslie Flapkak, PhD candidate at a ‘leading’ university, says. “Posts about search engine terms combine four of the five primary elements of all successful blogging: strange facts, self-absorption, statistics and some form of writing. On occasion, they even include references to cats, and in those cases, you have a perfect blog post.”

For “hilarity” bloggers such as Captain HaHa, the search engine referral post is a surefire way to get laughs.

“According to my research, the only things that are funnier are fake news stories and pictures of monkeys dressed as some kind of historical personage, such as Hitler or Stalin,” Flapkak said.

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  1. Do you know … I don’t think I’ve made a post about search engine referrals before? I’m going to have to rectify that soon. Those posts pretty much write themselves and I’m in one of those Summer troughs of inspiration at the moment.

  2. Heh, having unabashedly done what you refer to, Captain Ha Ha commends you on your lampooning of his unfortunate habits.

  3. It IS impossible to resist, after all… 🙂 m.

  4. I’ve never done one, partly because I have no idea how to find out how people are finding my site, if anybody even is. If I ever find out no doubt it will appear on the old blog.

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