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Larry Miller's Five Levels of Drinking

I love this routine by Larry Miller; it’s great storytelling, and it reminds me of my idiot friends. We went so far as to name these levels, including some names for specific drinks within them. (In fact, it is the basis for the structure of my second novel, Marvellous Hairy.) Tomorrow I’ll outline these in a fuller post, but for now, please enjoy Miller’s take:

Don’t read this until you’ve watched the video (spoiler):
I love the description of the morning-after sun as “God’s flashlight”, and yes, I too have uttered the vow (with the extra part):

“I swear I will never do this again, as long as I live. And this time I mean it.”

If you enjoyed this, and you like listening to podcasts, you should really check out Miller’s weekly rant/stream-of-consciousness storytime, This Week with Larry Miller.

Better than a round of drinks — some long fiction!

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  1. Ah crap. You said “Don’t read this until -” an you already linked it … in the part you’re supposed to READ!

    See? This is why men don’t read instructions or ask for directions.

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