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Man perfects impersonation of the economy

Known primarily for his legendary imbibing prowess, Gene Taskard has been elected “worst alcoholic in Scotland” three years running. But he is also a performance artist who concentrates on describing the world of high finance in concrete terms.

This work of art is crude, but hilarious. If the embedded movie doesn’t work, you can watch this spot-on impersonation of what Wall Street is doing to us at VideoSift:

via videosift.com

I just hope the drop wasn’t too big. (And same goes for the economy.)

humor-blogs.com and alltop are also adept a relieving themselves.


  1. The headline alone is enough. Just wanted to drop a line to say I really dig your site (your RSS one of three to which I subscribe). If you feel the urge, check mine out. Isn’t it strange how monkeys equal funny. I think that is the universal truth.

  2. I’ve added your feed to my list too — I loved the pirate article!

  3. Oh I’m sure he was fine, whats the harm of being covered in piss and having a head injury.

  4. Judging from his condition, the head injury might be hard to diagnose.

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