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Marvellous Hairy Podcasts — Episode Four

The Marvellous Hairy PodcastsIn Episode Four (Part II – The Human Ideal – chapters one, two and three), Rob meets the “threateningly slender” Ariadne, friend of Hippolyta Shute, unhappy worker at the Consume-It! drugstore, and a beautiful person. Then we see Spider and Seedy as they plan a caper (badly). And finally, we learn more about the a-hole Shute (who you may not be surprised to learn drives a Porsche.)

An excerpt from chapter one:

Ariadne Thipirous worked at the Consume-It! drugstore near Bland Street and Dead White Guy Avenue. I think it would be fair to say that she hated working there as much she hated the idea of needing a special cream for toe fungus, but despite that, she was polite and pleasant with almost everyone who purchased something from the store. It was not their fault that they needed genetically modified foods, mood drugs, panty liners, jock itch cream and many other useful items that kept the minor evils of life at bay. Well, it was their fault, but she could hardly blame them for it without feeling like a hypocrite, particularly as she was working there.

You can find Episode One here, Episode Two here, and Episode Three here. Or you may want to subscribe via iTunes. I’ll be listing all the released episodes here, and when I’ve got five done, I’ll be joining Podiobooks.com.

You can buy the book at the publisher’s website, because surely you don’t want to wait until the Fall, when it will be in stores?


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