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More disturbing Olympic Mascots

The London Olympic Committee continues the fine tradition of creating Olympic Mascots that kind of freak me out.

Obviously, nothing is going to ever be as on the nose as the Beijing Olympic Mascots, but these do stand out for their freakishness.

Actually, isn’t there something vaguely Simpsonian about these? Are they perhaps just redrawings of Kang and Kodos? I’ll post a pic of them below and let you decide.

Certainly, Lunchbreath has nailed it:

spoof of the new London Olympic Mascots

kang and kodos

Am I right?

Alltop loves spork. mascots, originally uploaded by lunchbreath.


  1. I think you’re onto something. (And I think those designing the mascots are on something.)

  2. It’s probably written into the design requirements: must be inspired by psychotropics.

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