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Mr. Woo's Wonderful Automatons

Mr. Woo's wonderful automatons Lest you think The Skwib is anti-Chinese, you must go check out this marvelously inventive man from China, Mr. Woo. [YouTube clip]

He makes a living farming, but he has the heart of an inventor (a Chinese tradition, really, considering gunpowder, pasta, astronomy, map-making, etc, were all first created there). He has invented his own line of robots, including one that pulls a rickshaw. (I love that Mr. Woo has invented the rickshaw (Mr. Woo 26) to placate his wife after he inadvertently burned their house down with a previous edition — the dreaded Mr. Woo 22.)

So, The Skwib is in favor Chinese people, particularly those like Mr. Woo who exhibit the nobility of the human spirit. Not so keen on the Chinese government, which is more concerned with repressing the human spirit, particularly if they’re Tibetan.

(Via NewScientist, via BoingBoing.)