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Overheard in Queensland

Crocodile smile“G’day, Bruce. How’s it goin’?”

“Good as gold Trevor, good as gold.”

“So, you heard they got that old bastard?”


“The Crocodile Hunter.”

“Bloody hell? Was it Frank? Frank gets as mad as a cut snake whenever that bloke is around.”

“Naw, it was out on the reef.”

“Really? Not another croc?”

“It was some fruity fish!”


“A stingray.”


“And you know what I’ve heard, Bruce? The other pink-leggies have started killing ’em.”

“The stingrays?”

“That old bastard would never have stood for, it you know, Bruce. He was a cobber. A friend to us all.”

“You know I almost got him and his ankle biter, once? Did I tell you that story, Trevor?”

“Only about a thousand times. Still, makes you think, don’t it?”


“Well, if you or Frank had your way the pink-leggies would be coming after us.”

“Strewth!” [the water near Bruce’s tail burbles]

“Did you just open your lunch?”

“Sorry. I never thought of that bastard as helping us.”

“No worries, not yet anyway.”

Inspired by:
Norm MacDonald on the Daily Show (9/14/06). Photo by maggie p au


  1. “Did you just open your lunch?”

    Or, as we would say in the States: “Dude, did you just cut one?”

  2. talking crocs…struth whats next mate.

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