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Palling around and other codswallop

I think I may have to start watching Letterman on a regular basis again. Apparently last night, Letterman finally had McCain on his show and actually got in a few shots about the whole “palling around with terrorists” thing. (After he’d forced McCain into an uncomfortable mea culpa for McCain blowing him off a few weeks ago.) According to Gawker:

Letterman later hit McCain for paling around with Watergate burglar and would-be firebomber G. Gordon Liddy, even though McCain has slammed Barack Obama for an arguably more distant relationship with 1960s radical William Ayers.

You can see the video at Gawker. And if you want more commentary, check out Roger Caitlin’s column.

Now, if you’re thinking these tenuous connections to people from the past are all codswallop, you may not be alone. You may be thinking, “what the hell is codswallop, anyway?” Well, luckily there is a certain Russian bimbo who has the chops to explain the etymology to us:


Codswallop explained by hot Russian word-nerd.

The etymology clips are much easier to take than the segments where she explains how to pronounce words.

Alltop and humor-blogs.com also have trouble with the “r”, dahling.


  1. I’d let her wallop my cods…. hey am I right fellas hahaha, yeah huh…. no, ok then I just be over here then.

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