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Professor Quippy: A Salty Reminiscence

Professor QuippyMike Letnic from the University of Sydney caused me an uncomfortable moment while I chomped on my Cheerios this morning. His survey of crocs in three rivers in the Northern Territory of Australia showed that the saltwater crocodile regularly travels up to 235 kilometers inland on freshwater streams.

These crocs are called “salties” locally, but don’t let the cute Aussie diminutive fool you — they’re massive, scaly, unfriendly, and they smell bad. (The crocs are scary too.)

A few years back, I had a wonderful vacation in Cape Tribulation, in Queensland. The state has its own population of “salties”, but we were assured that if were on the west side of the highway, we were “good as gold.”

I guess that’s slang for: ” you’re likely to be death-rolled and stuffed into a croc hole for later snacking. ” Streuth!

Terrified by:
Australian crocs head upstream