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Ask General Kang: In a pluralistic society, should gender equality trump religious rights?

Ask General KangThat has got to be a trick question, right? I mean, how the hell do I answer that without making someone madder than a Blufnabian Nose Weasel in a pleasure dust factory?

No doubt you’re referring to the poll that shows 81 percent of Canadians say immigrants should adapt to mainstream Canadian beliefs about the rights and role of women. Ultimately, this is a question about fundamentalist religions wanting to put women into subservient roles.

Now, you’re probably thinking that as an Intergalactic Overlord, I’m all for making women subservient, but I have to tell you, some of my best followers have been females. Certainly one of my most feared military units is composed almost entirely of female chimps. (There’s nothing more terrifying than being on the receiving end of a mass battalion charge enraged lady chimps wearing pink tutus and brandishing plasma weapons.)

Also, as an Unquestioned Ruler, I really don’t like the proles dividing their loyalties between some mythical god-figure and their Very Real simian overlord, so I’m going to have to side with the majority of Canadians on this one.

Even if it’s for different reasons. You guys have fun with that multiculturalism thing.

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