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Professor Quippy: Enjoy those flat screens while they last

Professor QuippyThat beautiful flat screen you’re reading these well-crafted words with is an ephemeral thing.

Not only will it stop working someday, the material needed to create it is much rarer than you think.

According to the New Scientist:

Armin Reller, a materials chemist at the University of Augsburg in Germany, and his colleagues are among the few groups who have been investigating the problem. He estimates that we have, at best, 10 years before we run out of indium. Its impending scarcity could already be reflected in its price: in January 2003 the metal sold for around $60 per kilogram; by August 2006 the price had shot up to over $1000 per kilogram.

So stop poking it with your pen!

Neat-o New Scientist Chart here