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Professor Quippy: Run for it boys, it's soya!

Professor QuippyAll you health-conscious men out there, be warned: soya is not your friend. At least, not of your “boys”.

Sure, it may be filled with lots of cholesterol-fighting goodness, and it’s a nice protein substitute, but even a half-serving will decimate the population of your virile swimmers in their manly spherical home.

The study by Jorge Chavarro at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, US, and his colleagues showed that a half-serving (half-severing, more like) cut sperm production by 40 percent! Apparently, soya foods “contain high amounts of isoflavones, compounds that mimic the effects of oestrogen in the body.”

So: Power-bars will rend you power-less! Just say “no” to miso soup! A hale and hearty “F-U” to the tofu!

This also explains why I was able to be “master of my domain” for much longer periods of time (upwards of three hours) when I was having a soya protein shake for lunch last year.

You can find more science-y stuff about this important story at the New Scientist: Eating soya could slash men’s sperm count.

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