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Ask General Kang: What did you think of the Speech from the Throne?

Ask General KangFrankly, I was surprised.

I’m probably revealing my bias, but I didn’t think that nice Haitian-Canadian lady would be so right wing. (Which was kind of hot.) And what’s the deal with her anyway? Is she your Overlord? I thought you Canadians had a “democracy”. And why did the pasty pudgy dude keep staring at her while she read from a book? Is he her pimp?

And don’t politicians normally memorize their speeches?

Besides, there weren’t nearly enough beheadings, so I switched to the hockey game.

(Also not enough beheadings, but still at least a violent as a match of Super-Ball in the Cranium-Smash League back home)

Next time: What is the meaning of life? And is it available at Best Buy?