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Quote of the Day: "We may be forced to erase his package with digital effects."

Yep, the new Superman is “super” in all ways, and studio execs are worried about it. I vaguely remember someone telling me that the guy who played Robin on the old Batman TV series had a similar problem. (Perhaps he was cast for this very attribute, which would explain why Robin is “the boy wonder”.)

And while we’re hashing up super heroes, you may want to check out a story from Jonathan Goldstein about what it was like to date Lois Lane after she broke up with Superman. Hilarious. I’ve found a link to a real audio recording of the story, but not that you’ll have to move the recording to minute 43:45 to get to the introduction before the story.


  1. I hear the digital effect they want to mask the bulge is a smiling Larry Sanders.

  2. now i will be getting spam email offering to reduce my bulge. you can’t win.

  3. They should talk to the producers of the original Batman tv series and find out what they did to hide Burt Ward’s whatsit.

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