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Review: The Cache and Other Stories

the cache and other stories - cover showing night sky with shooting starI thoroughly enjoyed this new collection of short stories and poems, by Sherry D. Ramsey. As always, her fiction is rooted in authentic human emotions, problems and foibles, even when we’re reading about aliens or fairies. In particular, I really enjoyed “B.R.AN.E., Inc.”, which read like the beginning of a new binge-worthy TV series. Seriously, the author hasn’t already written more stories in this world, she should!

Speaking of world building, I also love the consistency and ease with which Ramsey paints the backdrop of her stories. (“Alien Gifts” is a good example of this.) The author makes it look easy, but I know it is anything but.

The sheer variety of stories is also a lot of fun too. I’ve mentioned stories in the urban fantasy and hard SF realms, but there’s lots more, for example, “ePrayer,” which is new species of cyberpunk.


Full disclosure: I was offered a reading copy of this book for my honest opinion, which this is!