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Sunday O-Rama

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone south of the border. (At least as far as Mexico.) I hope you’re all having (will have) a good day.

If your family is driving you nuts, perhaps you should go check out The Carnival of the Insanities for a little relief. More crazy here.

And speaking of crazy, I saw this yesterday before Beowulf started:


BTW, I’ve fixed the top commentators widget, so it will only clear at the end of the month.


  1. Oh, man, consider this stolen. That looks just like my first drumkit minus the double bass, of course back then there were no double pedals. Too cool!

  2. Gorillas are Cool, You Know…

    This video shamelessly and blatantly stolen from The Squib….

  3. Very funny too. Though as an ad, I don’t think it’s terrible effective. (My brother says he watched this commercial three or four times, and still couldn’t tell me what it was advertising.) m

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