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Professor Quippy: Uh-oh

Professor QuippyA new report from the Nuffield Council on Bioethics (UK think tank) believes that “nanny state” policies may be justified when it comes to binge drinking.

“At present the UK government is trying to encourage a sensible drinking culture,” says John Krebs, chairman of the committee that wrote the report. “But walk through ‘vomit alley’ in central Oxford on a Saturday night and you will see a conspicuous absence of it.”

Yes, Vomit Alley — a post-apocalyptic world in which gravity inexplicably increases in places, light bends, and your gut comes alive with flavor. I believe the movie is in pre-production and they’ve tapped Kurt Russell to play the lead, Angus McNasty, master of “The Sledge”.

Just don’t try to bring back prohibition, that’s all I ask.

New Scientist Story (requires subscription for full article)


  1. Vomit Alley? Sounds like a bad place to set up a Slip ‘N Slide…

  2. Unless you have the aesthetic tastes of a low-rent Caligula, I’d agree…m.

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