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Sunday O-Rama!

Pig slicing himself upTwo excellent Carnivals ahoy: The Carnival of the Insanities! Carnivalesque!

There is something just wrong with the ad (to left). Why is the pig slicing himself up? And why does he seem so happy about it? And if you think the self-slicing pig is creepy, wait until you see the other 9 of these 10 Creepiest Old Ads. I have to say, the second ad down (you’ll need to skip the actual ad for “stump the chef”) is more than creepy. It’s kind of prophetic.

The 6 Types of Commenters is an excellent start to the important new field of Blog Comment Theory. Found at an excellent list of things to check out at Best Humor Blogging Links #4. And, of course, you can always find more to read at humor-blogs.com.


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