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Taco Bell ads lead to bullying at day camp

Taco Bell locoLittle Jimmy just wanted to be cool. That’s what he thought saying, “I’m good to go,” and making a flip-like hand gesture would do for him.

Instead, he found himself at the receiving end of an “atomic” wedgie — having his underwear pulled up over his head while still wearing them — for being such a dork.

“Like, I just couldn’t take it!” an enraged Patrick Goon, the chief bully at Camp Whatchadoin said.

“Jimmy’s normally okay, but today he comes to day camp all like, ‘hey, look how cool I am’, and then the counsellor goes, ‘are you ready to leave for the lake,’ and Jimmy goes, like, ‘I’m good … to go.’ And then does that gay hand thingy like the in the Taco Smell ads. He didn’t even say it right! It’s not: ‘I’m good … to go’ it’s like: “I’m good-to-go.’ And it’s so lame!”

Jimmy spent the rest of the morning in the infirmary, icing his private region and receiving counselling to help with the shock of an “atomic” wedgie.

“Yeah, we see at least two or three “a-doubleyous” as we call them in the business,” says camp nurse and psychologist, Betty Frigid. “But this is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. He was particularly traumatized when Patrick shouted: ‘how’s this for thinking out side the bun?'”

When asked if the bully would be disciplined, Camp Director Bob Serunkel, said, “normally, we would take something like this pretty seriously, and maybe even send him home. But in this case, Patrick got a warning. That ad drives me nuts too.”

In a related story, Business Wire was pantsed by the Financial Times for running Taco Bell’s media release about the portability of the foodstuff mentioned in the ad.

Media Release | Business Wire Story on MSN | More about wedgies [wikipedia]


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