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Thar blows yer Monday Carnivals!

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Conservative Cat’s plumbed the depths to find our posting about the day of the Boco Neer at hisfunny stuff. Best of Me Symphony at The Owners Manual, where you should take a gander a his post on Martha in Chains. Arrr! No beauty she, but she could make a roasted bilge rat taste succulent. And of course my weakly donation (yes, intended) to the Carnival of the Capitalists, this time hosted at Willisms.com, the salty sea dog. And don’t ye forget the Carnival of the Godless, where they don’t believe in Davy Jones’s Locker!

And somehow the Bos’n missed this here Carnival of the Clueless. We’ll keel haul him later. Arr.