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The Carnival of Satire (#26)

The Carnival of Satire #26So this is officially half a year we’ve been doing this, and if this week’s generally excellent submissions are any indication, we’ve just gotten started. We are especially pleased to see more satire from across the political spectrum, and practically breathless to see satire that points out the foibles of multiple parties at once. So on to the Carnival of Satire before we pass out:

We’re not sure, but it seems to me that Dean Swift at A Swiftian Rant may have not gotten his research cleared by the ethics committee. Dr. Tundra was glad Mr. Swift did not, because he was greatly amused by Bored to Flames.

Joan Conde at Mamacita is way excited, because now we can Celebrate “National Buy a Gun Day”.

Imagine if Dashiell Hammett wrote the Hardy Boys. Okay, now go read The Case Of The Origami Taco by El Capitan at Baboon Pirates.

We enjoy it so much when everyone is made fun of at the same time… Madeleine Begun Kane at Mad Kane’s Notables does it so adroitly in Russ Feingold Verse.

You see, here’s another one where everybody gets it. “a4g” at Point Five discovers the ying to the yang in its reportage of a Study: Self-Reliant Kids Grow Up To Be Whiny Liberals.

Jon Swift at Jon Swift has discovered President Bush’s Secret Plan for Winning the War in Iraq. And now the debacle all makes sense!

Big Cajun Man (aka Alan), at Canadian Financial Advice and Rants, has a link to a very funny bit of video from Rick Mercer (who despite thinking the Canadian PM is a “stand-up” guy, still does good satire) — Tax Time: Knee in my Package?

LYT at Pererro produces some day-umn funny stuff in this Exclusive scene from “A Short Story: The Movie”.

Tommy at Striving For Average has discovered The Code Pink Plan. (He makes this look easy, but Mark is pretty sure it’s not.)

Fans of the classic SCTV will enjoy Bob at either orr’s presentation of The McBob-Hurok School of Self-Disintegration

Thag isn’t sure, but this story reported by Hobart Johnson, at The Baloney Press Satirical Newspaper, may defy some physical laws: Boy Almost Drowns Trying to Make Rain Indoors.

Aloysius Katz, at Catymology suggests I am not a trope. Oh, the paw-licking irony!

Buckley F. Williams at The Nose On Your Face has a TNOYF Exclusive: Transcript Of Katie Couric’s Interview With Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar.

Avant News at Avant News discovers that the Laryngeal Bleep Implant Improves Political Discourse.

Damian G. at Conservathink presents Ted Kennedy celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by drowning in own vomit. Hmm. Seems to likely to be satire, but what the hell, everyone’s Irish on St. Paddy’s.

Chris Alexion at Welcome to the Fallout presents Muslim Ballers Hit Court.

Remulak MoxArgon at The MoxArgon Group presents InterGalactic Roundtable 3: Ports, Politics & Pundits.

And we’ll let Richard Belzer at Vox Poplar Is Right About Everything & Don’t You Forget It! take us out by unleashing his potty mouth in I Know Better You Flyover Country Morons!

Thanks to everyone for their submissions. Remember you can submit here with this handy form, or here; the COS is listed at the Ubercarnival, and at the Blog Carnival too. Remember: the deadline is midnight now.


  1. Thank you again Mark for some great links!

  2. Ebert’s okay. I find Siskel a bit mouldy. m.

  3. Mark,

    Thanks for including me. I’m flattered to be in such good company.


    Dean Swift

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