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The Carnival of Satire (#38)

Carnival of Satire # 38Once again, we have a right foxy Carnival of Satire to carry us away here at The Skwib:

Miriam at has a New Fly in Residence appointed in Delaware. We wish they would scrap this program altogether. Damn you Ford Foundation!

Ahistoricality has unearthed the sad news that the Pentagon Channel has decided to cancel its long-running reality TV series, The Abu Zarqawi Hour, (from The Whiskey Bar).

Catnabbit! has a round-up of some of the worst cat-terrorists in the “Furr-eners” Featured in All-New “Deck of Terror”.

Jeff Burton has found an edit to Dan Brown’s masterwork in the Da Vinci Cuts.

Genie has a lengthy treatise on inducing fox urination , and not the Heather Locklear kind of fox either. Thag thought this was hilarious, offering up this pithy review: “Him crazy.”

Starling David Hunter has detected some Problems with the Iowahawk Blog Business Model.

Anonymous Educator has a satirical look at high school teacher Meetings.

Joan Conde learns that after the bombing, something was Found: al-Zarqawi’s Fan Letter to Steven Seagal.

Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah presents more Brown-inspired madness with Boycott and The Gospel of Toli.

And Seun Osewa at Nairaland Forum has something from the “modest suggestion” file Death Penalty For Exam Malpractices In Nigeria We assumed this was satire because it was submitted to this carnival. The comments below the post reveal that it may have been too subtle.

Okay, hide the kids. Rachel shows us the Birth of the Female Condom. We’d have to categorize this as sarcasm, but have included it because it has icky pictures.

Big Cajun Man has more sarcasm with a list of the Most Important Features of a Credit Card. (Note, this post is not satire either, but we included it for instructive purposes.)

Bob at either orr went all out and wrote Zarqawi: The Musical. All he needs now is the score.

Mr. Right has more music in Ms. American Spy.

Peace Moonbeam presents Devil’s Day.

Damian G. presents Al Gore starts climate change re-education camp.

Vox Poplar presents The Rumours of My Death Have Been Pretty Accurate.

TekTak F. Mechanoid presents Face 2 Face

And to finish up, Tommy at Striving For Average has one more kick at the Zarqawi can with Modern Communication.

Thanks to everyone for making the fur fly in another great carnival. Submit next week via this handy form, or or here; the COS is listed at the Ubercarnival, and at the Blog Carnival too. Original fox pic by khanhdung_pooh.


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  2. Mark,

    Thanks for the inclusion — glad you liked the post! In the meantime, some of this other stuff is absolutely hilarious…it is unfortunate that I’m reading it at my desk at work, where everyone has overheard me laugh out loud more than once.

    The Nairaforum post, in particular, amused me — I lived in Nigeria for awhile, and can see how people would have missed Seun’s subtleties.


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