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The Dude Abides

You know, novels don’t write themselves. This seems like an obvious truth, but over the past year or so, I have kind of forgotten it; in short, the time that I should have been spending throwing enough words at the wall so I could get a few to stick and coalesce into a spaghettified mess worthy of a novel, I have been cranking out drivel on this blog.

Entertaining drivel, I hope, but drivel nonetheless.

So, I’ll be posting a little less regularly than usual over the next few months. Who knows, perhaps I’ll discover that I’m incapable of longer projects now. I’ll have to see what condition my condition is in.


I notice that this is my 1300th post. How cool is that? Keep checking back to see how long it takes to get up to 1500!

More entertaining drivel here and here.


  1. Good luck with the novel… 1300! sweet savoury jesus thats a lot.

  2. Thanks Alex. I did mention it was drivel, right?

    I’ll still be posting, but just not as often. m.

  3. The Big Lebowski … flat out my fave movie EVER. From the scene where THE DUDE is writing the $.67 check for milk all the way to the coffee can dust devil Donny, I’m in tears every time.

    I’m still struggling for the time to get to AN (work has been insane) … please rest assured I will be tearing into it voraciously soon!!!!!


  4. Wise decision! I’d like to say my posting schedule is so relaxed because I have other, more interesting projects on the go, but, unfortunately, it’s just because I’m a slacker. Keep us updated on the novel

  5. I will — it’s think the most accessible thing I’ve written so far. When I have some news about my next (published) book, which is about a guy turning into a monkey, I will relay that too.

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