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The Lost Power Point Slides (William Wallace Edition)

image of William Wallace at Stirling BridgeWilliam Wallace Presents the Battle of Stirling Bridge (Slide Five)

  • We smell like crap
  • We can’t read
  • We’re covered in woad
  • Time to kick some ass!

William Wallace Presents the Battle of Stirling Bridge (Slide Six)

  • What’s in it for you?
  • Freedom from English tyranny. (Not Scottish.)
  • For me? I don’t know, perhaps I’ll get knighted or something.

Sir William Wallace Explores Concept of Defeat at Falkirk (Slide 3)

  • Form in schiltrons – yah, like a hedgehog
  • English can’t break through those!

Trial of Wallace in London (Slide 1)

  • Can’t be tried for treason
  • Never subject of Edward
  • Didn’t knock up your future Queen either.

Inspired by:
Battle of Stirling Bridge (Sep. 11, 1297)